Okeanos FSM Sustainable Sea Transportation is part of the Okeanos Foundation’s Pan-Pacific vaka network. As climate change related-issues are rising, Okeanos proposes alternative ways of traveling for communities and tourists as well as raising awareness about environmental issues.

We are operating three traditionally-based Polynesian sailing canoes, Vaka Motus, in FSM waters: ‘Okeanos Messenger’, ‘Okeanos Wa’a qab’ and ‘Okeanos Ambassador’. The Vaka Motu has been especially designed for inter-islands journeys. It is entirely green, purely powered by the wind, the sun and coconut oil. The fossil-fuel free sailing vessel is equipped with newest technology and operated by a local crew.

‘Okeanos Messenger’ arrived in Pohnpei, FSM, in November 2018, ready to serve Pohnpei’s outer islands and has done so since. The two Vaka Motus ‘Okeanos Ambassador’ and ‘Okeanos Wa’a qab’ arrived in Yap in June 2019 and are both dedicated to providing sustainable sea transportation to the outer island communities of Yap, who often have to wait months to be serviced by a single, government-chartered cargo ship.

Okeanos mission:

Empower Pacific Island people to implement traditionally based sustainable sea transportation to ensure independence, cultural revival and ocean stewardship.

The Vaka Motu supports FSM’s goals for regular, reliable and safe sea transportation between the islands while at the same time empowering people and communities, reviving traditional seafaring and navigation skills and creating jobs and business opportunities.

With its vaka operations, Okeanos meets 10 out of 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Okeanos FSM is part of the Okeanos Foundation Pan-Pacific Network

Our Team in Pohnpei

Alan Semens
Operation Manager

Clement Urseram

Ardaseldo John
Watch Captain

Delensa Sackryas

Gino Ladore

Kimberly Mida
Derran Iggem

Our Team in Yap

Nelson Chipelmal
Watch Captain

Jerry Joseph

Magnus Resemanglug

Danzel Sefenaenioang

Nickson Taisurgam

Abraham Taliugyan

Stallone Tawerilmal

Randy Yalwaier

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